DIY Beaded Easter Egg Canvas Project

March 16, 2016

DIY, Beaded, Easter, Egg, Canvas

DIY Beaded Easter Egg on a canvas

Hi Everyone,

Today, I’m posting how to make this super easy and inexpensive DIY beaded Easter egg canvas project using only items that I purchased at my local Michaels craft store.  Now, you can purchase your supplies from any craft store that is near you, however, I’m using items from Michaels because they are having a contest using the hashtag #madewithmichaels.

Michaels is hosting a Michaels Makers summit! All you have to do is create a project using materials from Michaels and submit it on the entry page. The entries will be voted on and the top 50 participants will get a chance to attend the Michaels Makers summit.   To enter all you have to do is upload your project on the Made with Michaels site by 3/26/16.

My goal, with this project, was to show you how you can make a cute and inexpensive Easter decor for your home.  This project is easy enough for kids to do as well.  I would just substitute out the hot glue gun for Elmer’s glue.

The supplies you need are:

  • 2 pkgs. of Beads purchased from Michaels $ 3.29 & $1.64 ( 1 pkg I used a 50% coupon)
  • Canvas from Michaels on sale for $4.49
  • Ribbon from Michaels on sale for $1.49
  • Foam egg kit from Michaels on sale for $1.49  (Optional)
  • Chevron stencil (optional)
  • Glue gun or Elmer’s glue
Beaded, Easter, Egg, canvas, supplies

Beaded Easter Egg supplies

The first thing you need to do is draw or use a stencil of an egg. I purchased the foam egg kit because it was the exact size I needed for this project. You could definitely free hand this step or print off a pic from the internet and use that as your stencil.

Egg, Beaded, Easter, DIY, Canvas

Outline of the egg on the canvas.

This is also where the chevron stencil came into to play.  I pre-marked where I wanted the look of a chevron stripe to be in the middle of my egg.  The next step was to lay out the beads to give me an idea of how it would look.

DIY, Easter, Eggs, Beaded, Canvas

Laying out the design for the beads before gluing.

Once I had the design I wanted, I put the beads in a bowl and started to glue them down individually.  Please be careful not to burn yourself during this process!  Since this wasn’t a big egg, it didn’t take very long to glue them all down.  I would say overall this project took me less than 45 minutes to make.

After I had the beads glued down, I took a look at my creation and felt like it was missing something.  This is where I decided to finish the project off with some cute Easter ribbon I had bought on another of my (MANY) frequent trips to Michaels.

I took the ribbon and wrapped around the edge of the canvas and then topped it off with a bow.

DIY, Beaded, Easter, Egg, Canvas

Adding some ribbon.

This turned out to be a fun rainy day project that was easy and, most of all, inexpensive to make.  The design options are limitless and just have fun with it! Altogether, this project cost just under $15.00 including tax.

I hope you liked this project and it inspired you to make your own beaded Easter egg.

Thanks for stopping by!


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