DIY Easter Bunny Burlap Banner


Feb 24, 2016

Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to show you how to make this quick, easy and inexpensive DIY Easter bunny banner.

Burlap Easter Banner

DIY Burlap Easter Bunny Banner

Here is a pic and a list of the items you will need:

banner supplies

Banner supplies needed

  • Assorted acrylic paint colors
  • Burlap banner (Target)
  • Bunny stencil
  • Overlay stencil (Polka Dots)
  • Stencil brush or pouncer
  • White pom-poms for the tails

The other day walking into Target, as always, I had to browse the dollar section.  I came across this cute pre-made burlap banner for $3.00.  I really like the convenience of these banners because you don’t have to go through the hassle of cutting out your own using a big piece of burlap fabric.  The banners come already packaged with everything you need and they are nicely sewn around the edges so your burlap stays looking nice and neat.

Continuing to browse, I also noticed these cute bunny cutouts.  I thought this bunny shape would work as my stencil to use on the banners. The bunnies in there current form were to big for the burlap banner. I downsized the image to 70% on my printer. Once you have the right bunny size, tape the image to some stencil material.  I use a clear stencil material that I bought to use with my Cricut machine.  After you have the imaged taped to your stencil material simply take an exacto knife and cut out the stencil.

Tape down your stencil on the burlap and start painting away.  I choose the colors Mint Green, Robins Egg Blue and White from Craft Smart, Carousel Pink from Americana, and Bright Yellow from Apple Barrel Colors.  All of these paints were purchased from Michaels.

Here is where you can get really creative.  Once you have the bunnies stenciled on to each banner you can leave them a solid color or you can add an overlay pattern to them.  I choose to add polka dots to my bunnies.  There are all kinds of stencil patterns at your local craft store that you can use so, have fun with it.

Once the bunnies are painted all you need to do is glue on a little cotton tail.  You can purchase these in a little bag for around $3.00 at your local craft store.

Now its time to string the twine that comes with the packaged banners and hang your beautiful creation up for all to see.

Here is my finished banner!

Hanging Easter Bunny Banner

Finished Easter Bunny Banner

Easter Bunny Banner

Easter Bunny Banner Pic #2

DIY Easter Bunny Banner

Easter Bunny Banner Pic #3

This fun little project took about an hour to make.  The cost to make this banner was around $6.00 because I had all the other materials. If you were to buy everything you see here and use coupons this banner should cost about $20.00. However, here is a breakdown if you’re starting from scratch and not using any coupons.

  • Banner from Target $3.00
  • Bunny cutouts $3.00
  • Paint (4) @$1.00 each. (estimation because each brand cost different)
  • Circuit Stencil $6.99
  • Polka dot Stencil from Michaels (it came in a set from Recollections) $6.99
  • White pom-poms $3.49

Total cost $27. 47 + tax

I truly hope this fun little Easter bunny project gives you some inspiration on how to make your own banner.

Thanks for stopping by and please leave me a comment.  I would love to hear from you.

Have a great day!




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