Fashion Friday Outfit #4


Feb. 26, 2016

Hi Everyone,

sweat shirt, outfit, jeans, casual outfit

Def Leppard sweat shirt outfit

Today for my Fashion Friday outfit, I’m posting about one of my favorite sweatshirts that I just love to throw on and go about my day.  I love this sweatshirt for two reasons… it has one of my favorite bands on it and its also comfortable and light weight,  I bought this sweatshirt a few years back at Forever 21.  I believe it was less than $12.00.

I can’t tell you how many times I get compliments! Young and old I’ve had people say to me ” cool shirt,  I love Def Leppard”. LOL

This sweatshirt is fun to wear by itself but since it’s still cold out I wanted to show you how I style it with a jacket. Also, since I was about to go run some errands around town I decided that my hair was a no fuss, ball cap kind of day.  Oh, and so was my makeup.  I barely managed to put on lip gloss.

Do you ever feel like…this is good as it gets today?  Well, I was having one of those days.  Costco, here I come! LOL

Here are a few more pics of my outfit for the day.

sweatshirt, jeans, leopard print bag, leopard print shoes

Def Leppard sweatshirt out fit

sweatshirt, jeans, tan jacket, leopard print purse, leopard print shoes

Casual outfit

sweatshirt, jeans, jacket

Def Leppard sweatshirt with tan jacket

jeans, sweatshirt, tan jacket, leopard print purse, leopard print shoes

Complete outfit

leopard print shoes

Leopard print flats

leopard print handbag, purse

Leopard print handbag

Break down of my outfit:

Def Leppard sweatshirt/Forever 21

AE Jeans/Thrifted from Value Village

Tan Jacket/Cabi

Black ball cap/Kohl’s

Leopard print flats/Target

Leopard print handbag Nine West/Ross

I hope this outfit gives you some inspiration on how to style a graphic sweatshirt.  Have fun with it!

As always thanks for stopping by and please leave me a comment.  I would love to hear from you!



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